Today I Watched @BET Cooked In 5 On FB With @remyma And @iam

today i watched bet cooked in on fb with remyma and iam multip img bffc

Today I watched @BET Cooked in 5 on FB with @remyma and @iamjuju_ making Spicy Tangy Salmon and Big 50 Lo Mein Pasta. I absolutely loved the video and I had to make my own version. This is where the creative thinking comes in. I didn’t make the Salmon. I only made Big 50 Lo Mein. Remember when you’re looking at recipes you can take out the things your not eating and still have a wonderful meal. This pasta gives an incredible punch of sweet heat. I didn’t use as much sriracha as listed below. If you want a little heat only add 1 & 1/2 tablespoon. I’ve added this dish to my monthly meals. My kids loved it. I’m waiting for hubby to get home and taste this. I recommend this for any vegan looking to spice things up. You should try this if you haven’t made this before. You will not be disappointed. The start of my weekend is a success!! Big 50 Lo Mein For The Win!!!

✨Spaghetti Pasta
✨Red, Yellow, Orange Peppers
✨ White Onion
✨Portobello Mushroom
✨ Yellow Squash
✨ Zucchini

✨ 6tbsp Soy Sauce
✨ 4tbsp Honey
✨ 4tbsp Syrup
✨ 3tbsp Sriracha Sauce
✨ 1tbsp Ginger
✨ 6tbsp Water
✨ 1tbsp Brown Sugar (Optional)
✨ 2tbsp Water mixed with 1tbsp cornstarch
*You will have extra sauce. Have a jar handy to save your sauce for later.

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