To All My Sons Worldwide, All My Juniors. I Apologize For My

to all my sons worldwide all my juniors i apologize for my multip img eafb
to all my sons worldwide all my juniors i apologize for my multip img eafb

To all my sons worldwide, all my juniors. I apologize for my absence, I know I left you without a name to drop.
I don’t know how I expected you to feed yourselves and get your money up, but don’t worry. Daddy’s home.

Jackfruit m’tton –

• Drain & rinse 3 tins of @tropicalsunfoods yung green jackfruit. Remove the seeds and squeeze out all the water via a tea towel which is essential for texture ?

• Toss the jackerz in 1 tbsp corn flour then toss in in 2 tbsps curry goat seasoning, pink salt & cracked black pepper then 2 tbsps vegetable hoil. Lef it over night.

• Stick that in a dry pan for 2/3 mins either side then set aside.

• You know the score, same base as usual. Sauté 1 finely diced onion, 1/2 a sliced red onion, 5 sliced spring onions, both 1 diced red & green bell pepper, a large piece of ginger, grated & (optional) a piece of fresh turmeric, grated all for 5 mins in 2 tbsps coconut oil.

• Then grate 6 garlic cloves in to the pot for a further 2 mins.

• Load up the pot now –

Strip like 20 thyme sprigs, 6 tbsps Jamaican curry powder, 2 tbsps ground black pepper, 1 tbsp garlic granules, 1/2 tbsp pimento powder, 1 meat free beef flavour OXO & 1 veg OXO.

*Curry powder I used: 1 Dunn’s River mild, 1 Dunn’s river hot, 1 Rajah mild, 1 Rajah hot, 2 Betapac*

Add back the jack fruit, 3 tomatoes (peeled, deseeded & diced), 2 chopped red skin potatoes, 2 chopped carrots and cover with boiled water.

Drop in 2 scotch bonnets & 2 dried bay leaves.

• Simmer for 40 mins on low.

• I left this to just hold it’s self until the next day. Off the heat of course don’t be bunnin’ down your ting. And added 2 tbsp gravy granules to thicken once heated up.

And postman is a punk, taken my new ring light to the post office instead of a neighbour now it’s pitch black :@

• White basmati cc: @tildarice
• Coleslaw
• PlantIn
• Roti

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