Throwing This Rainbow 🌈 Pasta Back Onto My Feed Because I

throwing this rainbow pasta back onto my feed because i display image abdf

Throwing this rainbow 🌈 pasta back onto my feed because it was so much fun to make!

Rob and I have so much fun making pasta at home. Dancing around the kitchen and being silly. Life is about having fun, am I right?!

Anyway, here is the recipe:

Ingredients (serves 2 generously):⁣
– 1 cup plain flour⁣
– 2 Tbsp oil of choice⁣
– 1 big punch of salt⁣
– 4 Tbsp water⁣

– 1 Tbsp of @meraki_superfoods camu camu powder
– 1 Tbsp of @meraki_superfoods beetroot powder
– 1 Tbsp @meraki_superfoods moringa powder

– Add ingredients to bowl, mix and kneed until well combined and then leave to rest for approximately 1 hour.
– Seperate into 3 equal parts. ⁣
– Kneed in the @meraki_superfoods powders into each section of dough for about 5 minutes.
– Use a pasta maker (or you could hand roll but it might be a bit more time consuming), to roll out dough into thin sheets. ⁣
– Use the desired setting (or knife) and cut into the type of pasta you want. ⁣
– Boil in water for approx. 2 minutes. ⁣
– Enjoy!⁣

Have a good weekend beautiful people 🌈🌈

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