This Light, Fragrant Soup Is Inspired By One Of Vietnams Pop

this light fragrant soup is inspired by one of vietnams pop display image  a5935cc6
this light fragrant soup is inspired by one of vietnams pop display image a5935cc6

This light, fragrant soup is inspired by one of Vietnam’s popular dishes called Phở. My own version is of course vegan, super easy and doesn’t involve any complicated ingredients. You will slurp through this soup feeling satisfied and happy ✨⁣
Get creative with your toppings and choose seasonal vegetables or whatever you have at home. Any fresh veggies are really nice really. Nuts and fried shallots are also amazing ?⁣
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For this recipe you need:⁣
❊ 1-2 tbsp cooking oil⁣
❊ 1 head of cabbage of choice⁣
❊ 2 cloves⁣
❊ 1 star anise⁣
❊ 3 litres of water⁣
❊ 1 tbsp coconut sugar⁣
❊ 1 tbsp white miso paste⁣
❊ 2-4 tsp salt⁣
❊ 1 tsp (white) pepper⁣
❊ 2 tsp apple cider vinegar⁣
❊ 1 tsp dark soy sauce⁣

❊ 250 g cooked vegan noodles of choice⁣
❊ 2 stalks spring onion⁣
❊ 2 stalks bok choy⁣
❊ 1 carrot⁣
❊ 1/8 purple cabbage⁣
❊ 1 1/2 cups fried mushrooms eg oysters⁣
❊ 150 g fried tofu⁣

1. Wash your cabbage and dry it after. Heat the oil in a really big pot over medium heat, add the whole cabbage and fry it for 2-3 minutes. Now add cloves, star anise and water to the pot, let the broth simmer for 45-50 minutes. Remove the cabbage and throw it out or use it for another recipe, it won’t have a lot of taste left though. Add the other broth ingredients. Slowly adjust the amount of salt depending on how salty you eat.⁣

2. Serve your broth with cooked noodles and fresh vegetables or topics of choice. #vegandinner #veganfriendly #veganrecipes #veganfood
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