This Is How I Roll! 💁‍♀️Double Tap If You’re A Su

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This is how I roll! 💁‍♀️Double tap if you’re a sushi lover too!🥰⁣

This is one of the most fun meals to make. I definitely suggest it for families. Kids love building their own rolls and you can satisfy individual tastebuds by using different ingredients. Here’s what we did for these hand rolls. Enjoy!👇⁣

🌱1 ½ cups of sushi rice cooked per package directions (keep it warm)⁣
🌱1 package of baked tofu such as Wildwood in savory or teriyaki flavor cut into ¼ inch strips⁣
🌱½ cucumber julienned ⁣
🌱2 carrots julienned⁣
🌱½ cup of purple cabbage, thinly sliced⁣
🌱1 handful of sunflower sprouted greens or other sprouts of choice⁣
🌱½ -1 mango thinly sliced⁣
🌱1 avocado thinly sliced⁣
🌱Sushi nori sheets halved⁣
✔️Ensure that when you are ready to serve that the rice is still warm/hot. This is important as it softens the sushi nori sheets.⁣
✔️Place a halved sushi nori sheet on a plate. Take a scoop of hot rice and place on the left side of the sushi sheet. Press down lightly and cover evenly. ⁣
✔️Add ingredients of choice, angling them to the upper left corner of the sushi sheet. Don’t overload the ingredients.⁣
✔️Take the bottom left corner of the sushi sheet, and role and tuck ingredients to form a cone. Serve with sriracha, coconut aminos, tamari or soy sauce if desired.⁣

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