This Gritty, No Frills Shot Is Of A Free-form Vegetarian Las

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This gritty, no frills shot is of a free-form vegetarian lasagna in which I focused on thin layers of filling to highlight the egg-yolk dough noodles. The noodles were rolled out to the #7 setting on the KitchenAid attachment and were quite thin. The fillings included two different pestos, chard, artichoke, mushroom, and ricotta. Taleggio bechamel was used and this was my first time using passata, a sieved Italian tomato product. This was one of two lasagnas made as gifts using the same ingredients so I was unable to get a plated shot. Nearly thirty (4โ€x6โ€) noodles went into this lasagna which created the layering of flavors and pasta that I was going for. I like the shot regardless of the foil pan and hope someone else likes it as well. You can get a sense of the thin noodles and layering by looking at the left side of the lasagna.