These Donuts ? Should Be ILLEGAL! ??

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these donuts should be illegal multip img 0 97e31128

These donuts ? should be ILLEGAL! ??

As a person who prefers moist, fudgy baked goods to spongy, airy ones, these baked vegan donuts from @greensmoothiefactory got me in love! ? They were having a special discount for the donut package, so I decided to give them a try. ❤️

a.k.a, the brown-coloured ones. They are the first ever vegan donuts of their creation, thus the name. Listed ingredients used in the menu included almond flour, raw cacao, banana, coconut sugar, raw almond mylk, rolled oats, cashew butter and coconut oil. They were SO CHOCOLATE-Y!! ? The donuts had texture almost like brownies, and there were slight crunches within. They were also delectably sweet, but not exceedingly sweet, which is a good thing. Super super fudgy.

their later creation which is also vegan, these donuts are made with pumpkins. A bite and it feels like you’re eating steamed butternut squash, but in soft, moist, fudgy donuts version. If you love pumpkins, you’d LOVE them. Compared to the choco ones, these were slightly not as sweet and had pumpkin taste and fragrance dominating the donuts more, something which makes them more authentically-pumpkin.

Overall, I truly enjoyed these donuts ? Hidden gem in the city! ❤️


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