The Only Way To Do Pasta Is To Load It Up With So Many Toppi

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The only way to do pasta is to load it up with so many toppings you can even see the pasta underneath! 😂

The other day I made this stunning bowl of vegan Mac n’ cheese that I have to share with you all! I tried it out with the @wholefoods vegan Gouda slices since I’ve been obsessed with it recently! I love the unique, lighter flavor it has! I also tired out the @tolerantfoods safari shaped lentil pasta and I was in love! The shapes are just too cute 🦁

Honestly I think making your own vegan Mac tastes MUCH better than the store bought kinds! They’re less salty and have less processed ingredients! Don’t get me wrong, I know vegan cheese slices have some processed ingredients too, but definitely less than the boxed vegan Mac n’ cheese!

#qotd : what’s your favorite kind of vegan cheese?

Vegan Mac n’ Cheese:
• 1-2 cups cooked pasta
• 2 slices @wholefoods vegan Gouda
• 2 tbsp nutritional yeast
• 1/2 tbsp vegan butter
• garlic powder
• onion powder
• little bit of paprika
• plant milk to thin

Melt together all of the ingredients (besides the pasta) on low heat until a smooth, thick “cheese” sauce has formed. Only add small amounts of plant milk at a time to make sure the sauce doesn’t become too thin. Stir in your pasta, then turn off the heat and put in a bowl with lotssss of toppings!

Lunch // vegan Mac n’ cheese topped with broccoli, kale, peas, @lightlifefoods smart tenders, nooch, and sugar free ketchup 🧀