The NEW Peanut Butter Pies By @prispuddings Are Finally Here

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The NEW Peanut Butter Pies by @prispuddings are finally here ???

I’ve always been a big fan of Pri’s little treats. The first one I bought and tried back then were the Pecan Pies which still count to my favourites! However as a peanut butter lover I’ve always dreamed of a peanut butter version and my dream came true!! Stuffed to the rim with peanut butter in a soft crust and crushed peanuts on top ? They’re absolutely delightful ?
They are different and healthier to regular sweet treats so don’t except it to be super sugary. They’re wholesome and filling and love them whenever I’m not in the mood for something sickly sweet but still want something sweet ?? With 5 natural ingredients and also gluten-free ???

I have had them warm in a bowl of vanilla custard, banana and dash of cinnamon ??✨? I also added some sugar free Cocoa Syrup(via @iherb use “CVH3425” for a discount) afterwards(see pictures four) I highly recommend that as it intensifies the peanut flavour! Which now gives me some new ideas on how to eat them ???

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