The Most Garlicky Pasta Ever

the most garlicky pasta ever display image cd
the most garlicky pasta ever display image cd

The Most Garlicky Pasta Ever

Please fill out the made-up non-interactive questionnaire below to find out if this pasta dish is your next favourite thing – everrrr.

Do you like garlic? Yes.
Do you like pasta? Yes.
Do you like minimal ingredients? Yes.
Do you like quick and easy meals? Yes.
Do you want to feel like Jon Favreau in ‘The Chef’ where he makes this dish for Scarlett Johansson. Yes obviously.

You’ve passed! You now have my permission to make my favourite recipe of all time. I made this on Christmas Eve, how festive I know, and I’d be lying if come Christmas Day I wasn’t thinking of eating this instead.

I’d advise taking your time cutting the garlic, that’s the main art to this dish. Even still if you can’t be bothered or want to save more time, mince it all and just flash fry it.

Aglio e Olio – Garlic and Oil

Full link to recipe above and in bio along with more cooking tips and ingredient notes ? or over at ??

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