The Italian ?? In Me Loooooves Carbs… Specifically P

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the italian in me loooooves carbs specifically p multip img 0 79ef33cf

The Italian ?? in me loooooves carbs… specifically pasta ? !! I’ve been trying to cut out gluten ? which limits the pasta selection ?. Fortunately with some trial and error I figured out a great gluten free gnocchi ? recipe with sweet potato? and almond ? flour!! The photos show different preparations of the gnocchi after they are made which I will share in future posts ?!! I always make a huge batch and freeze ? them so it’s an easy thing to grab and put together!!
1 egg (to make vegan remove egg and use less almond flour)
2-3 sweet potatoes
1/2C tapioca starch
2-2.5C almond flour (more for flouring surface)
-Wash and peel sweet potatoes
-Cut into cubes
-Boil until soft
-Create mashed sweet potatoes
-Allow time to cool a bit before adding in your egg (otherwise you’ll have scrambled eggs ?)
-Add egg and combine
-Add in tapioca starch and combine
-Add in almond flour 1/2C at a time until a dough begins to form
-Sprinkle work surface with flour
-Place dough on surface and knead
-Cut into 4 pieces (you may have to break into more pieces depending on size of work station)
-Roll into a long snake shape about a penny size in diameter
-Cut into 1/2in pieces
-If you’re like me and don’t have a gnocchi shaped flip a fork over and roll the piece of dough gently down the back of the fork to creat ridges (***ridges are important so the gnocchi will hold more sauce***)
-Repeat until all dough is formed into gnocchi
-At this point you can lay on a sheet tray and freeze until hard and then store in the freezer in portioned bags
-OR boil in water for 3-4min or until all gnocchi are floating, top with sauce of choice and enjoy!! ?

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