Tempeh Banh Mi Tacos 🤯🤤🌱 At Newly Opened @bunbunsth

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Tempeh Banh Mi tacos 🤯🤤🌱 at newly opened @bunbunsthlm in Stockholm 🇸🇪

🌱 Banh Mi Tempeh w veg paté
🌱 Banh Mi Viet Tacos w Tempeh
🏠 @bunbunsthlm
✏️ The food truck is still rolling but now one can also get your Vietnam cuisine fix at the brand new restaurant at Magnus Ladulåsgatan 2A, between Stockholm Södra and SÖS. They offer the classic Banh Mi but in many shapes and forms as you build it as you like; Baguette, Mini-tortillas, salad, noodles or rice. Protein/vegan options are Marinated Portabello, Grilled Tofu and Tempeh.
We liked both options we chose, fresh ingredients, on point flavours and textures. The tempeh is made from locally produced beans and not yellow peas which is appreciated as the peas are an allergen which wifey can’t eat. It was super nice so make sure to try it. What Bun Bun also offer, which is unique based on our experience, is a vegan paté for the Banh Mi. Added richness to the Baguette option for sure. Unfortunately the baguette wasn’t as crispy as we like it to be so all in all we still prefer the one at Eatnam. The paté, the tempeh and the option to have it any way you like it still make Bun Bun a place worth a visit 🥰
✅ Recommended.