Sushi Saturday ? Is That A Thing ?

sushi saturday  is that a thing display image  f6f09d3c
sushi saturday is that a thing display image f6f09d3c

Sushi Saturday ? is that a thing? ?

Nori sheets
Japanese rice
Rice vinegar
Himalayan pink salt
Romaine lettuce
Marinated tofu
Toona spread
Red bell pepper

Rice filling: Mix Japanese rice, salt and a little bit of rice vinegar

Toona spread filling: mashed chickpeas, vegan mayo, minced red onion, soy sauce, salt&pepper and a little bit of vinegar (you can add crushed nori but I didn’t because I’m wrapping it with nori sheets anyway)

Tofu marinade: soy sauce, sugar or maple syrup and garlic powder

Just a tip for your tofu to absorb as much marinade, squeeze your tofu to remove excess water, pat dry and freeze. Once it’s completely frozen, defrost and squeeze again to remove more water, then marinade. Time-consuming, yes, but it will give more flavor to your tofu, trust me!

I made one roll with only tofu and veggies, another roll with only the toona filling and veggies and one roll with both. ?

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