Sunday Dinner This Evening Was A Little Late As We Were Rewa

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Sunday dinner this evening was a little late as we were rewatching (after many years) ’The curious case of Benjamin Button’ 2hrs 50!!

Anyway we are sampling @sainsburys Plant Pioneers Wellington with the possibility of having this over Christmas. But unfortunately it didn’t deliver. For us the texture just wasn’t right. The flavour wasn’t too bad but it just doesn’t feel worth the unhealthy amount of calories, which looking at the ingredients list is made up of lots of different added oils!
Anyway even though this looks a shocker, the roasted carrots and parsnips were lovely (although slightly overly crunchy 🤣) and if you’ve never tried charring cauliflower in a hot dry wok, then adding Savoy cabbage and sautéing with a little dairyfree butter, lots of S&P you’re missing a treat.
Unfortunately this Wellington will not be on our Christmas menu👎, I think we will stick with nut roast 👍