Sunday Breakfast (or Brunch, Seen As I Got Out Of Bed At 11a

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Sunday breakfast (or brunch, seen as I got out of bed at 11am😆) is easy comfy food; banana-cinnamon-apple french toast!
Or as we call it in the Netherlands: wentelteefjes, which loosely translates to flip-bitches hahaha.

– few slices of bread
– an overripe banana
– a big cup of plant based milk
– cinnamon
– sugar
– an apple

-> Mix the pb milk with the overripe banana until you have a slightly thicker and almost smooth mixture. Add cinnamon to taste.
-> Heat up some plant based butter (or oil, but butter makes it better), soak the bread for around 20sec in the mixture and put it in the pan.
-> Bake both sides til crispy and golden before plating up. Add sliced apple (or any fruit you like) on top, season off with some sugar and cinnamon.


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