Strange Muffins Roam The Kitchen, The Scent Of Apple And Cin

strange muffins roam the kitchen the scent of apple and cin display image ebfcd

Strange muffins roam the kitchen, the scent of apple and cinnamon a simple recipe of a few ingredients, now we wait for them to cool then we will find a way not to eat them all right away. I saved this recipe from a well-known cooking magazine that occasionally offers vegan food. I had it there that was spinning in my mind I said to myself sooner or later I’ll do it, at least four seasons have passed. Well it was better that I studied it with a critical eye, instead of being enchanted by an ingredient!
Enchanted I just did not notice the absence of fat, I fear a stringy and sticky bite. Never trust newspaper recipes! I was really fooled by professional glossy photos damn!

200 gr of cooked quinoa 220 gr of flour 0 100 grams of brown sugar 2 medium apples sliced ​​and sautéed in a pan with sugar and cinnamon 1 sachet of baking powder almonds and apple slices to decorate
citrus peel to taste.

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