Sticky Noodles With Homemade Hoisin Sauce ?⠀

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sticky noodles with homemade hoisin sauce multip img 0 1a3c8cbe

Sticky noodles with homemade hoisin sauce ?⠀

This was another recipe based on bbc good food but tweaked slightly based on my ingredients. Also just being too lazy to get the recipe up on my phone so just making things up ??‍♀️⠀

• 4 tbsp raisins⠀
• 2 garlic cloves⠀
• 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar⠀
• 4 tsp tomato purée⠀
• 3 tbsp crunchy peanut butter ⠀
• 100ml of boiling water⠀
• Salt ⠀
• Pepper ⠀

• 2 nests of wholemeal noodles (double check the noodles are egg free)⠀
• 1 tsp oil⠀
• 1 tbsp powdered ginger⠀
• 1 yellow pepper ⠀
• 1 red pepper⠀
• 2 red onions thinly sliced⠀
• Packet of tenderstem broccoli⠀
• Packet of mangetout⠀
• Packet of baby mushrooms ⠀
• Garlic ⠀
• half a packet of bean sprouts⠀
• Spring onions⠀
• 2 carrots ⠀
• 1 pak choi⠀
• handful basil leaves⠀

■ literally just add all the sauce ingredients plus 100mls of boiling water together and blend in a nutribullet or with a hand blender ⠀
■ (Ps. This recipe actually produced way more sauce than I needed. So I used half here and saved half in the fridge for another dish later in the week)
■ Heat the oil in a non-stick wok⠀
■ Add the ginger powder with the vegetables (red onions, peppers, carrots, pak choi, broccoli, mangetout) and heat until all the veg have softened⠀
■ I made the garlic mushrooms in a separate pan ⠀
■ Once the mushrooms are ready toss these into the wok with the rest of the veg⠀
■ Add the spring onions, basil and bean sprouts.⠀
■ Cook the noodles based on their packet instructions⠀
■ Mix the veg, noodles and sauce all together ⠀
■ Enjoy ⠀

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