Starting A Week With A Cozy Bowl That Makes Me Want To Head

starting a week with a cozy bowl that makes me want to head display image adac

Starting a week with a cozy bowl that makes me want to head straight back to bed with a cup of tea and a book..think I’ve mistaken Monday for Saturday😅
I used 1/2 cup of roobois chai tea and 1 cup of cashew coconut milk as a base and blended with a small handful of lamb’s lettuce and fresh mint, 1/2 cup of apple-pear purée, 1/2 of a small buttery avo, 2 tbsp of vanilla plant based protein, a heaped tbsp of ground chia & hemp seeds water until fluffy and topped it all with a few blackberries, muesli mixed with sunflower seeds, rose pearls, pink coconut and sesame seeds😍A mix of greens, fats, protein and whole grains in one bowl for a nice dose of plant goodness😊And you’ve probably heard or read quite a bit about how a variety of plant foods that feed our gut bacteria and the importance of having a varied diet..I feel gut health has been at the forefront of any wellness/health shop or site which is a good thing. But we probably often think of whole grains that contain fibre that gut bacteria can feed on without thinking that also veggies, herbs, fats as well protein sources contain vitamins, polyphenols, essential compounds that can increase microbial diversity and the growth of beneficial bacteria. So don’t focus on one macronutrient, think of plants as a whole and change it up, maybe picking up a couple of different seasonal veggies a week, switch up the nuts or seeds you snack on next time you are buying some, try a different source of protein.😊Happy Monday!💚 #sweetnutrition

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