Spring Onion/Scallion Chutney Also Called Ullikadala Pachadi

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Spring Onion/Scallion Chutney also called Ullikadala Pachadi in Telugu !!

Showing here is an easy peasy flavorful and spicy chutney recipe made with spring onions and normal onions that goes well with Rice , idly, Dosa which can be easily made with basic ingredients from pantry and the end result is so appealing 😍

Thanks to my Mom for inventing and introducing this chutney to me. As I told you not many eat onions in our household but we are lucky that my mom does not belong to that category☝️and we would never get a chance to eat this delicious chutney 😋

There is an idiom / proverb in Telugu which says – ఉల్లి చేసే మేలు తల్లి కూడా చేయదు / Ulli chese melu talli kuda cheyadu

Means ‘ Onion does more favor than Mother ‘ ( but it of course makes me cry 😢 everyday)!!

They say this as Onions and spring onions have abundant qualities that keeps your body healthy . They are rich in fiber and helps in better digestion . Good source is vitamins and greens 🥬 are always the best 👍🏻

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