?️ Spicy Numbing Noodles Yes Please! ?

spicy numbing noodles yes please multip img 0 9eb51d14
spicy numbing noodles yes please multip img 0 9eb51d14

?️ Spicy numbing noodles?? Yes please! ?

?Vegetarian Mixed Mushroom Spaghetti ?

✅ Spaghetti was al dente even after being left to sit for awhile . Mala fans would definitely dig this dish – just as I did – as it was spicy + numbing plus there was a generous amount of mushrooms ? which paired really well w the seasoning ? . I also liked how cherry tomatoes ? were added, giving the dish a western pasta vibe & not to mention that it made a unique pairing w the ” mala ” seasoning ?

❌ We were expecting ? a slight spice as ”dried chillies” was listed as one of the dish’s ingredients however the noodles came completely seasoned w the spicy numbing sauce which totally caught us off guard ? – definitely not a child friendly dish! Also, comparing this dish to a mala stir-fry, the price was quite steep considering that mushrooms & tomatoes were the only ingredients apart from the spaghetti, between the 2 choices, I would hands down go for the latter ?

? Greyhound Cafe, Singapore ??

P. S. All critique written is subjective and entirely based on my opinion only, of course everyone is welcomed to share theirs! ?

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