Spaghetti Broccoli- The Gluten Free Version

spaghetti broccoli the gluten free version multip img cc
spaghetti broccoli the gluten free version multip img cc

Spaghetti Broccoli- the gluten free version

This is inspired by the southern Italian- region Calabria- spaghetti broccoli dish.  Here I made it a gluten version out of it.

1 spaghetti squash
about a 1lb of organic broccoli
Ricotta cheese/ vegan options available
Grated picorino cheese/vegan parmesan option
Extra Virgin Olive oil
2-4 cloves of crushed garlic

If you get the hard ricotta cheese,  crush the cheese with a potato crusher and soak with just enough hot water to make it creamy.

Take a large pot which can fill enough water to boil spaghetti squash.  Put squash in when water boils for about 15 minutes and be sure to cook evenly on each side. 

Cut broccoli into small pieces into boiling water for about 8 minutes or to desired softness.  Save the broccoli water & take broccoli out. 

Take squash out of hot water and soak I  child water to cool. Cut in half & dig seeds and veins out. Save seeds to bake as a snack.

Use fork to slowly pull strands of squash out.  then sprinkle some salt into boiling broccoli  water.  Put squash into broccoli water and stir and achieve desired softness.  5 minutes.

Save a mug of the broccoli & squash water.  Drain the squash. 

Heat up pan and sauteed garlic until golden & sauteed broccoli with it.  Then add squash to the mix.  Add mug water bit by bit as you mix (add just enough- no need to add whole mug)   Next add ther ricotta into the mix. 

Finally serve on your favorite plate and garnish with picorino cheese.

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