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Food & 📸 by: @plantbased_matters
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Have you tried Soy Sauce “Butter” yet?

Have you tried the combination of soy sauce + butter yet? This Soy Sauce “Butter” Mini Gold Potatoes is another creation of the popular Japanese flavor marriage that are savory, sweet, rich, and super addicting. It’s made with vegan butter but tastes authentically Japanese!

Soy Sauce & Butter?

Yes! That’s right! If you’ve never tasted this delicious combination of the two ingredients, I urge you to try some. It’s a popular flavor in Japan that you can experience in many dishes.
The authentic way is to make with soy sauce and dairy butter but vegan alternative works just fine and gives the same richness as the dairy option.
The basic method is to use only “soy sauce + butter” which sounds very simple but tastes bold! As a variation, sometimes sweetener is added like this recipe. Somehow, this combination is super addicting where you just can’t stop eating and crave for more.


This recipe calls for only 6 ingredients.

Small Gold Potatoes (or any small potatoes)

Soy Sauce



Vegan Butter (unsalted)


It’s super simple, isn’t it? Now, let’s get into it.

Small Gold Potatoes

On the recent grocery shopping trip, I spotted the baby ones and they happened to look fresh! I personally love gold potatoes over any other kinds. To me, they taste creamy and slightly sweet, and love the pretty yellow color.
Often times, I don’t really peel the potato skin whether it’s for salad or mashed potatoes unless I really need to. Again, potatoes are one of the low waste options that I really try to strive for. Now, since they are so tiny, you don’t even need to cut them. Just rinse them, remove the sprouts if necessary, and they are ready for cooking!

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