♦ Soy Sauce Aubergine ♦

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♦ soy sauce aubergine ♦

A very quick recipe that my dad came up with. I use it whenever I am really busy but I don’t want to skip a warm meal.
Ingredients: ⋆ 4 tiny aubergines (or 1 regular) ⋆ 2 cloves garlic ⋆ hot water ⋆ vegan butter ⋆ 2-3 tbsp dark soy sauce ⋆ chilli flakes ⋆ salt & pepper for finish
Instructions: chop aubergine. In pan melt 2-3 tbsp vegan butter, and add aubergine. Sprinkle with salt and pour hot water over, so that the aubergine is all in it but not like in a soup. Change to medium heat, keep stirring from time to time until aubergine becomes tender. When tender, add sliced garlic, soy sauce and keep for 1 more minute in heat. Add salt and pepper per preference. When ready sprinkle with chilli flakes. I eat it with couscous as it’s the simplest, but feel free to add anything you prefer.
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