So I Have Made Non Dairy Milk Before, But I Just Felt Like I

so i have made non dairy milk before but i just felt like i display image  96688048
so i have made non dairy milk before but i just felt like i display image 96688048

So I have made non dairy milk before, but I just felt like I was missing something not quite right.
With most things, I tried it again and can report…. It’s a hit and I will do it permanently now??????

My main aim when I tried it was
?To reduce my waste
?Reduce cost
?To make something with less ingredients than when buying it.
?To make something that tastes as good or better than what I can buy it?

I purchased these @kilneruk bottles, as they are just the right size and easy to grab out of the fridge.

This mylk is actually cashew, I have been put off using cashews because of the price… But I soaked 1 cup of cashews and I have now made x6 of these bottles and still have some left. I think my re-thinking is, that you really don’t need many cashews to make the mylk.

I use a Vitamix, which was expensive, but even if I just use it for making mylk, then eventually I will be saving my money.

So once the cashews have soaked, pour cold water into what ever vessel you are using to Whizz it up, prior to Vitamix, I used Nutri bullet, I have to admit I prefer the Vitamix now, it’s more powerful and just easier for me to use. Then just a few cashews, whizz up and there you are… Mylk???

I knew all this before, but I think I was using too many cashews and in my head just discounted it as too expensive and faffy… But I have x4 bottles and can just whizz up 4 and leave them in the fridge. No waste and I will have to work out the cost to compare, but I know it’s cheaper.

I think my main aim is that I now don’t have x4 cartons in the recycling and I can make it to order and add whatever I like to change it… Like dates, cinnamon, brown sugar, syrup etc????
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