single serve protein banana bread cake display image  e333630f
single serve protein banana bread cake display image e333630f

im gonna go ahead and call it a cake because it has biscoff + choc spread on the top like icing?‍♀️ so this is my entry for #issyandmegbakeoff just because i wanted to join in ahaha?
i would LOVE to give you exact measurements for this but my scale broke on me and it turns out you can’t use a human weight scale to weigh food (wHYyy?‍♀️?) anyways here are some rough measurements:
– 1.5 bananas
– 1 tsp cinnamon powder
– 1 tsp baking powder
– 3 tbsp sweetener (i used @myproteinuk golden syrup flavour)
– 1 heaped tbsp protein powder (i used vanilla but im sure choc would be yum too?)
– 50ml of oil (i used a small amount of it to line my baking tin, so if you have a non stick one, you can use a little less oil?)
– about a cup (maybe half a cup lol idk anymore) of self raising flour
if you use any other flour, add an extra tsp of baking powder just so make sure it rises enough ?
– 3 blocks of choc chopped up or choccc chips? (optional ofc- u could make it a bloob flav or somethin else?‍♀️)
then for topping, i added chocolate and biscoff spreads and mixed them together, then added 1 crumbled lotus biscoff biscuit to the top and made it extra with some fruit and another spoon of biscoff??
anyways hAPPPPY hump day guys and gals xoxo?
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