?Simply Peppery Delicious

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?Simply Peppery Delicious

Peppery roasted vegetables & Cacio e Pepe (cheesy peppery pasta)➡️swipe to see the photo with pasta ?

I love black pepper ?
I sprinkle black pepper on almost everything. And it’s good for anti-aging, too!! Several studies show that black pepper acts as an antioxidant in your body ✨✨

▪️Peppery roasted vegetables
✔️Cauliflower (cut thick sliced)
✔️Romano beans
✔️fresh lime thyme

1 preheat oven 180℃ (350°F)
2 sprinkle nutritional yeast, sea salt, lots of black pepper, drizzle olive oil, place fresh lime thyme on top
3 bake for 20 minutes

▪️Cacio e pepe
I don’t have Pecorino Romano, so I used homemade vegan Parmesan instead.
1 In a large skillet, heat olive oil, add cooked pasta
2 Add 2, or 3 ladles of pasta water
3 Sprinkle lots of vegan Parmesan, lots of black pepper, stir on high heat to emulsify

*vegan Parmesan
Ingredients: 1/2cup raw cashew, 1TBS nutritional yeast, 1/4tsp sea salt, pinch veggie stock powder
Put everything in the food processor, and mix/pulse until powder

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