savoury okara pancakes multip img 0 e2d22f31
savoury okara pancakes multip img 0 e2d22f31


we have a soy milk machine at home and my mom makes homemade soy milk almost every week, so i’ve been thinking about ways of using 豆渣 (or okara in japanese). that’s the leftover pulp after the filtering process! i didn’t know i could use it too, so we used to throw it 🙁 but it’s actually very good for you: since okara is the pulp from soy beans, it contains lots of fiber, protein and calcium! ? i can’t wait to try new recipes using it !!⁣

those savoury pancakes that i made a while ago were actually very good and so easy to make (i just tried by adding a bunch of ingredients all together lol). also, those baked sweet potatoes were delicious, if you don’t know, sweet potatoes are my life, i love them ???⁣

ingredients (i kinda eyeballed everything so sorry if i don’t have the exact recipe) :⁣
– okara⁣
– one egg⁣
– one finely chopped carrot⁣
– green onions⁣
– flour⁣
– salt⁣

mix everything together, create your pancakes…ok here i struggled a little since i used my hands to form a round shape, but now that i think about it you can directly scoop the batter on the pan. cook them on a greased pan until golden brown on both sides and enjoy !! ?⁣

have a wonderful day everyone! ?⁣

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