Saucy Homemade Noodles Bowl By Woon.heng

saucy homemade noodles bowl by woonheng display image  f6d2d13f
saucy homemade noodles bowl by woonheng display image f6d2d13f

Saucy homemade noodles bowl by woon.heng

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Recipe (makes 3-4 servings)⁣
?Noodle ingredients⁣
~ 300g [~2 cups] bread flour⁣
~ 80ml + 3 tablespoons* [1/3 cup + 3 tablespoons] water (adjust based on brand)⁣
~ a dash of salt⁣
~ blanched veggies (used spinach)⁣
~ 1/4 cup sliced mushrooms (sautéed & seasoned)⁣
~ 4 oz firm tofu – pressed, mashed⁣
~ oil for cooking, soy sauce/tamari, water to cook noodles⁣
~ 1 cup [236ml] veggie stock⁣
~ 2 tablespoons [30g] soy sauce, 1 1/2 tablespoons mushrooms stir fry sauce, 1 tablespoon chili oil with sediment or toasted sesame oil, 1/2 tablespoon dark soy sauce & a few dashes of white pepper⁣

✅Tofu crumbles Pan-fry mashed tofu in a non-stick pan with a teaspoon of oil until dry & crispy by stirring continuously. Season with 1/2 teaspoon soy sauce, set aside.⁣
✅Noodles Mix flour & salt in a bowl. Add water & mix with a spatula until you get a lumpy well-mixed/shaggy dough (if there are dry spots of flour in the bowl, add more water, 1 tablespoon at a time). Transfer the dough onto a cleaned surface & knead until a slightly smooth top forms, about 8-10 mins. The dough is not soft but not hard for you to handle either. Cover with a damp towel & rest for at least 30 mins.⁣
✅When ready, divide the dough into 4 portions for ease of handling. Dust surface with flour & roll out the dough (cover the rest) into a thin layer. Cut into your desired width. Rub noodles with flour to prevent it from sticking together & continue with the rest.⁣
✅Meanwhile, heat up the veggie stock & transfer into a large mixing bowl along with the rest of the sauce ingredients. ⁣
✅To cook the noodles, bring a pot of water to a rolling boil. Season with a little salt & cook noodles for about 2-3 mins or to your desired ure.⁣
✅Drain & rinse the noodles in cold water to stop cooking (Blanch it with warm water again for warm noodles), then drain.
✅Add noodles in the sauce bowl along with the rest of ingredients & toss together until well combined. Season accordingly, if needed.

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