Saturday Dinner Date For Two . Table Has Been Set . Soups Ha

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Saturday Dinner Date for Two . Table has been set . Soups has been served . Main course will follow soon…..🍽

From the beginning only ,I was not a fussy Eater ..ate everything what was served but not interested in cooking as such nor too particular about food . The only thing I knew was to make coffee …that’s it ! That was my maiden life …an academic life …more interested in books , studies ,music,painting etc …never knew anything about making food 🙈! Life took a 360°turn after marriage . Though there was always a Cook who was doing the job but I started to learn cooking for the obvious reasons… ( The way to The Man’s Heart is Through Stomach…as the saying goes 😉) . Whenever we used to eat out he would always order for Soups first and we would talk our heart out till the Starters/Main course arrived . Secondly , I observed He loved his Dals ( lentils) very much . Whether it’s a Veg or a Non-Veg day he always wanted his Dals and he would take few sips of it first before eating anything . This Post is for my Foodie BFF , my Husband @subhasish07 who had made me a #foodlover in true sense 😊! I combined both of his favourites together and He is the Happiest Man on the Dinner table 😄😅

It is a Wholesome , Healthy and Nutritious Soup with the goodness of vegetables like Carrots and Papaya and good Proteins from Red Lentils ( Masoor dal) which keeps you full for a longer period of time .
Swipe to see the INGREDIENTS AND PROCESS of making 👉👉❣❣
Enjoy a bowl of this delicious steaming hot Soup in this Rainy Season to boost your body’s Immunity .
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