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I fell in love with this KIMCHI the first time I made it. This time around I have the actual Korean Chillie Paste.
This sauce is to die for. I would just eat that by itself, it is that delicious. 😋😋😋

3 Bunches of Romaine Lettuce
Sea Salt

1/2 cup cooked rice
1 Green Apple ( skinned and grated)
5 Cloves of Garlic (grated)
1 big knob of Ginger (grated)
7 Tsps Korean Chillie Paste
1/2 Cup Fermented Vinegar

Wash the lettuce thoroughly. Break into bite size pieces. Add water to cover the lettuce. Then add the sea salt cover and let it soak for 3 to 4 hours.

Meanwhile make the sauce. Puree or smash the rice to form a paste. In a saucepan add the rice, grated ginger, garlic and apple. Combine until well blended, add the Korean Chillie Paste, the vinegar and salt to taste. Let it cook for a few minutes.

After the lettuce has soaked. Drain the water. Sterilize a glass jar. Mix the sauce into the Lettuce. Make sure it’s well coated. Once that process is done, fill the jar with the kimchi lettuce. Pack it as tight as possible. Seal it with the lid. Leave it out for three days.
At the end of the cycle refrigerate the KIMCHI.
Leave to ferment in the fridge for a few days to get that full effect.

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