Roasted Miso Baby Eggplants Topped With Couscous!

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Roasted Miso Baby Eggplants Topped with Couscous!

Are you an eggplant lover?

Being vegan’s never been easier. Imagine a plate of just eggplants, but can you imagine that this plate has 21 grams of protein?

I couldn’t..when I started it. But the secret is always in the ingredients. Or maybe it’s love! Love for the animals we aren’t eating on our plates, of course!

For this meal, you can get:
🎯 21g Protein
🎯 So many Bs I can’t type them!
🎯 193% Vitamin K
🎯 53% Vitamin D
🎯 30% Iron
🎯 25% Calcium
🎯 66% Fiber
🎯 131:29% Omega 3:6 Ratio (3.3g:1.4g reset ratio)

I know my Omega ratios have confused people before, so I wanted to explain this as well. Because ALA Omegas are potentially absorbed at 15%, vs EPA DHA at 100%, I opted to raise my intake to ensure I met my numbers more accurately!!

Have you ever looked into ALAs, EPA and DHA? Let me know, I have science based articles I can share w/ you!

Find this recipe via my bio link @getyourveggon in 10 minutes!

P.S. – the winner in this meal is the PARSLEY!!!

Enjoy & Get Your Veg On!