Repeat Meal. I’m Obsessed With These Fried Rice And Tofu.

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Repeat meal. I’m obsessed with these fried rice and tofu. I make it in 1 tsp sesame oil in case anyone is wondering. And it’s easy to whip up because I use leftover rice. Also I use tamari instead of soy sauce (because it has more protein and is gluten-free (I think). Also it has fewer ingredients). The biggest reason why I make fried rice is for the most obvious reason- it takes me 5 minutes to whip it up. I hate standing in the kitchen for hours so I’m all about quick, easy meals. Also another reason why I like to cook with tofu or paneer- Just pan fry, add sauce/curry and it’s ready. Cutting up veggies and freezing them is another quick way to always have cut vegetables ready to cook. I don’t know about others but prepping vegetables takes the life out of me especially because I eat so much of it. If you have more fast meal prep ideas, please share ❤️