pumpkin spice latte toast say what i was super i multip img ceeeb
pumpkin spice latte toast say what i was super i multip img ceeeb

PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE TOAST ?☕️ Say what!? I was super inspired by @justine_snacks middle of the cinnamon roll toast the other day, and I knew I had to recreate my own! I feel like this is the last week to use pumpkin before holiday flavors roll out, and there’s no better way to finish out the pumpkin season than with toast! ? Well…I could technically name a few, but toast just shouldn’t bomb ? I used @chakraspicedcoffee chai coffee for this and it was an absolute dream. Their coffee is so rich, you can really taste the purity in every bite. I also love that their brand is BIG on mental health, which y’all know is something I preach every day ??It’s so important friends to check in on yourself, to see what you need mentally for you to make sure YOU are your best self at the end of the day ✨ Never forget the impact you make on others and how much people in your life want you here ?

PSL Toast:
Fave bread, I used a sourdough boule
1 tbsp softened coconut oil
2 tbsp pumpkin
3 tbsp brewed @chakraspicedcoffee chai coffee
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp cane sugar

Directions: first up, lightly toast your bread + then mix together ingredients above until smooth + slather mixture on bread + then place side down on pan + let cook for 2-3 min + flip and allow the other side to get toasty + add toasts to plate and drizzle on some coconut butter + enjoooy

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