Pumpkin Seed And Kale Pesto Pasta

pumpkin seed and kale pesto pasta multip img eee
pumpkin seed and kale pesto pasta multip img eee

Pumpkin Seed and Kale Pesto Pasta
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Flavour-packed and easy recipe on my blog, link in my bio!

This deliciously flavourful and creamy pesto pasta is made with Nutrika’s Certified Organic Pumpkin Seeds. ?These are not your average pumpkin seeds, as they contain more nutritional content than regular pumpkin seeds. Learn more about Nutrika’s unique and nutritious pumpkin seed products at Nutrika.ca!?

This recipe can be made in 25mins or less, and can be easily meal prepped as a pasta salad. ?I absolutely love how much flavour the pesto contains, even with only a few ingredients. The dish is not complete without some cherry tomatoes, which add colour and juiciness.?

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