Potato Malai Kofta

potato malai kofta display image  ac502e71
potato malai kofta display image ac502e71

Potato malai kofta

For a picky eater (me) this was way better than I expected. I was originally attracted to this dish because the picture to advertise it was so colorful, and let me tell you the flavors did not disappoint either!

I boiled the potatoes until tender so they could be mashed for the cakes. While they were boiling I prepared all my other ingredients and added carrots and green beans to the potatoes for the final few minutes.

I cooked onion, garlic, and ginger until it was softened. I added tomato powder, curry powder, coconut milk, and salt and let it simmer. Once simmering turn the heat down and cook until slightly thickened.

I drained the cooked veggies and added garbanzo bean powder and a pinch of salt. I mashed the veggies and mixed with the powder, then created patties about 1” thick. I cooked the patties in a skillet with a bit of olive oil until browned and crispy on either side. I transferred my patties to a plate then used the skillet to wilt some spinach. I blended the sauce in a blender to make it smooth ?

Add the sauce to your plated patties and top with spinach and some tomato chutney! ?

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