Pongal Rice / Ven Pongal

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pongal rice ven pongal multip img 0 43d65740

Pongal rice / Ven pongal
Pongal is rice lentil dish popular in South Indian food. This dish is balanced proportion of protein and carbs. Light and easily digestible.

1 cup rice 
1 cup moong dal (yellow lentil) 
6-7 green chillies(as per your spice level) 
1 tbsp cumin seeds (jeera) 
1 tsp black pepper 
1 inch grated ginger
15-20 cashew nuts
1 tsp turmeric powder 
8-10 curry leaves
¼ tsp asafoetida 
2-3 tbsp clarified butter (ghee) 
2 tbsp oil


Heat the pan over medium flame, roast moong dal till aromatic. Keep stirring often to prevent dal from burning, now take out dal in a pot and combine with rice. Wash them a few times very well. Soak them for 30 to 40 min to get a smooth pongal.
Pour 3-4 cup of water in the pressure cooker, add salt,1 tbsp oil, rice and moong dal. Cook till soft (3-4 whistles). When the pressure releases, open the lid and stir. Dal and rice should be cooked well to mushy.
Now heat the pan over medium low flame and pour ghee oil to it. Add in cumin seeds and saute till it sizzles then add black peppers,hing, ginger green chillies and curry leaves, combine well and saute. Now add cashews and saute again till you begin to get good aroma. P.S. (adjust heat so that ghee should not burnt out)
Lastly add cooked dal and rice to the mixture, combine well and cover it.
Let it simmer for 3-5 min and turn off the heat. Serve it with ghee, papad or raita.(Pongal is best served with avail)
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