Persimmon Chocolate Peanuts Baked Oatmeal!!🍫

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Persimmon chocolate peanuts baked oatmeal!!🍫
I highly recommend to eat persimmon with chocolate or peanuts!!😆my fav combo!!
-15g oatmeal
-15g vg chocolate protein @drinkorgain
-1tbs okara powder or coconuts powder
-1/2tsp chia seeds
-1tsp cacao powder
-1tsp baking powder
-75g plant milk
-1tbs vegan yogurt
-1tsp nut butter

>mix all ingredients. transfer to a mug
>put cream in to the center and cover with oat mixture
>covered with aluminum foil.
>bake in 560w toaster for 7min → remove aluminum and bake 3min again

🥧persimmon, coconuts, peanuts powder
🥣fig, persimmon, pomegranate, granola, coconuts

-15g オートミール
-15g ヴィーガンプロテイン
-小さじ1/2 チアシード
-大さじ1 おからパウダー
-小さじ1 ベーキングパウダー
-小さじ1 カカオパウダー
-75g 豆乳

-大さじ1 豆乳ヨーグルト(水切りしなくてOK!)
-小さじ1 ナッツバター


thank you🍄

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