Pecan And Cranberry Nut Roast.

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Pecan and cranberry nut roast.
My mom has always made the best nutroast and it’s been well known in the family. People still go on about it decades after eating it.

This one pretty simple.

➖1cup of Pecans.
➖ 1/2 cup cashews.
➖ 1/2 cup almonds.
➖ 50g breadcrumbs.
➖ 1 handful of chopped cranberries.
➖ 1 grated courgette.
➖ 1 grated carrot.
➖ 2 lengths of celery finely diced.
➖ 2tbsp dark soy sauce.
➖ 1/4cup tomato puree.
➖ 1 red onion finely diced.
➖ 2 garlic minced.
➖ 2tbsp linseed mix.
➖ 1tbsp dried parsley.

🔸heat oven to 180’c.
🔸 Blizt the nuts and add to a bowl and add your breadcrumbs, linseed.
🔸 fry the onion, and garlic in stock then add the celery, grated carrot and courgette.
🔸 add remaining unused ingredients and once the celery has softened add to your nut mix and mix everything together.
🔸 I added 1/2tsp of #kelpflakes for iodine.
🔸 put baking paper into your loaf tin and allow for extra paper out of the sides to make it easy for it to come out.
🔸 put in loaf tin and mash down so that it is even and bake in middle of oven for 30mins.

Served with my homemade Yorkshire puds (recipe video coming soon).

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