Pasta With Kale 🥬 Spinach Cheese Sauce.

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Pasta with Kale 🥬 spinach cheese sauce.

The ingredients used for this pasta was from a left overs salad 🥗 I had made the day before.

With the cost of food prices increasing exponentially we have to be smart when cooking meals.

Therefore, Reusing leftovers doesn’t have to mean just reheating the same old thing. Repurposing leftovers into new meals can make them a little more exciting 💚

I decided to make a vegan pasta with a cashew and kale 🥬 spinach cheese sauce. Due to the timing I eyeballed the ingredients.

Roasted garlic
Kale 🥬
Cashew nuts ( soak in hot water 💧 for quick use)
Oregano 🌿
Fresh Basil and sage (freshly picked )
Organic olive oil
Pink Himalayan salt

Vegetables used
Bell peppers 🫑
Broccoli 🥦
Red cabbage 🥬
Green olives 🫒

Let me know in the comments if you also repurpose meals.

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