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@pairofstairs sent me a post by @schoolnightvegan earlier today about their DIY vegan instant mac and cheese powder, and I immediately knew what I’d be making for dinner because I already had all of the ingredients. This recipe is super simple and cheap, and is just as good as the boiled bag of Daiya and milk I usually make for a cheese sauce, so I highly recommend it.

The powder is a fine mix of nooch, tapioca starch, corn starch, garlic powder, onion powder, and mustard powder. After whisking it together, it instantly smelled like the yummy powder at the bottom of a cheese puffs bag that I shamelessly pour into my mouth every time.

I threw three tablespoons of this into a pot of unsweetened plain almond milk over a mid-heat and added a scoop of butter. After about ten minutes of steady stirring, it became an impressively gooey and melty cheese sauce. Once it was ready, I threw in some elbow macaroni and chopped-up @lightlifefoods jumbo hotdog pieces. It retains its flavor throughout all this, and is so fucking good.

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