Our Paleo Cheesecake Cups Recipe Is Here! ? Not Only Are

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Our paleo cheesecake cups recipe is here! ? Not only are they simple to make and delicious but they’re also loaded with beeya’s fiber-rich seeds to help support your hormonal health! ⁠

8 servings⁠
✨ Prep time: 20 minutes⁠
✨ Cashew soak time: 4 hours⁠

✨ For the crust-⁠
✨ 1 ½ cup dates, pit removed⁠
✨ 1 cup cashews⁠
✨ 8 scoops of beeya seeds (link in bio)⁠

For the filling:⁠
✨ 2 cups cashews, soaked in water for at least 4 hours prior to making⁠
✨ ¼ cup coconut oil⁠
✨ 1 cup almond milk⁠
✨ ⅓ cup pure maple syrup⁠

1️⃣ Rinse the 1 cup of cashews for the filling and place in a bowl.⁠
2️⃣ Add the crust ingredients to a food processor and blend until the crust-like texture forms (about 1 minute.) ⁠
3️⃣ Remove the crust and evenly distribute it to 8 small little cups (roughly 3 tbsp each.) ⁠
4️⃣ Add the soaked and drained cashews, and remaining filling ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth-about 3 minutes depending on your blender. ⁠
5️⃣ Once the crust is set, pour the filling over the crust and set the jars in the fridge to set for one hour. ⁠
6️⃣ Serve with optional fresh berries, and enjoy!⁠

Note: These jars will last in the fridge covered for up to 5 days.

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