Oreo Rocky Road Recipe?⁣

oreo rocky road recipe multip img 0 96c50772
oreo rocky road recipe multip img 0 96c50772

Oreo rocky road recipe?⁣

Who loves rocky road? I do but I’m never satisfied by shop/cafe bought ones because in my opinion:⁣
– Raisins dont belong in rocky road (sorry!!)⁣
– Rocky road should have a CRUNCH⁣

Once you make homemade rocky road, you will never spend £3 on a slice at Costa again…trust me!⁣

The best thing about making rocky road is that it requires no cooking and no skill to make, completely fool proof! A guaranteed yummy treat??⁣

300g oreos (you could sub with any other vegan biscuit if you dont like oreos!)⁣
200g dark chocolate – I use Lindt 85% Dark⁣
1 pack (75g) freedom mini mallows or other vegan marshmallows⁣
50g vegan butter⁣
3 tbsps golden syrup⁣

1. Put oreos into a large bowl and break into pieces using a wooden spoon. Add marshmallows.⁣
2. Melt the chocolate. When it has almost completely melted, add in the butter and continue to stir until both are fully melted and combined.⁣
3. Add the chocolate mixture and golden syrup to the bowl. Stir until all biscuit pieces and marshmallows are covered.⁣
4. Put mixture into baking tray and press down with the back of the wooden spoon until it is evenly distributed. ⁣
5. Put in the fridge for at least 1-2 hours before cutting into squares.⁣


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