? Oregaino ™?

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oregaino multip img 0 1de20ef9

? Oregaino ™?

?” Bonda Soup” – ‘Black gram fritter served in spicy Mung dal/lentil soup’?

✅’Authentic South Indian(Karnataka to be specific) delicacy that’s itself Healthier n requires no rectification for reaping health benefits, however the fritter here been used are not fried n cooked in an special ‘appam pan’ that resembles ‘takoyaki pan’ a used to make Japanese delight ‘takoyaki’,since it’s all guilt free ,it could be called vegan takoyaki for sure,for how it is prepped n tastes just awesome ✅

✔️Balanced macros for a delicious meal
✔️Highly filling n definitely recommended
✔️ Scrumptious n easier to make with least no. of Ingredients

? Ingredients (serves 2)
?For Fritters
1. Peeled Black gram/Urad dal 100 gm’s soaked till swollen and blended to a fine doughy batter with the help of splash of water.
2.Cumin 1 tsp,curry leaves finely chopped, ginger 1/2 inch finely chopped,a pinch of asafoetida ,salt,pepper.

?Mix everything from above in a bowl,grease the appam pan(or a similar shaped mould ),heat it on medium flame,pour the batter around 2 tbsp, cover it n let it cook for 10 min with flipping in between..to get a spherical shaped Fritter.

?For mung dal/ lentil soup
1.weigh 50 gm’s of split mung beans.
2.Garlic Cloves 3-4 ,ginger 1/2 inch,salt,olive oil to temper,red chilli,cumin n coriander powder.

?In a vessel with lid on,cook mung beans along with ginger, a medium onion chopped,add tomato if u want to
?Add a tempering of heated oil,with added cumin seeds, till it splutters, garlic till turns brown, n Chilly coriander, powder.
?In a serving bowl add fritter,pour the dal/soup, garnish with cilantro n dash of jaggery powder or any Sweetener, n serve it hot ?

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