One Pot Veggies + Tofu Noodles// Una Sola Sartén, Noodles C

one pot veggies + tofu noodles una sola sartn noodles c display image  43ea4102
one pot veggies + tofu noodles una sola sartn noodles c display image 43ea4102

One pot veggies + tofu noodles// una sola sartén, noodles con verduras y tofu
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Well well well, this quarantine is driving me crazy, I never know when will I feel hungry and I’m not following any kind of schedule ?.
Here goes the recipe:

Ingredients for two people⤵️

For the tofu:
-One block of extra firm tofu, already dried.
– soy sauce, ginger powder, lemongrass and chilli flakes.
– Optional: 1tsp of liquid smoke.
Let it marinate for at least one hour, I left mine for one night.

The rest of the dish:
– half a red pepper, chopped
– half a yellow onion, sliced
– a really small broccoli, cut in little trees.
– some bean sprouts
– noodles of your preference, those are classic noodles.
– two cups of boiling water
– EVOO, soy sauce, salt and chilli flakes
– spring onions for the top

How to proceed ?
– add 6 spoons of EVOO in a wok pan and heat it up. When is hot, add the tofu, fry it up, and when it looks brown around and kind of crispy, take it out, reserve it inside a bowl.
– in the same pan, add the veggies and a pinch of salt, stir for like two-three minutes and cover them.
– let then sweat for like 5 minutes and then add a splash of soy sauce and some chilli flakes (depends on how spicy you like it)
-When the sauce is almost evaporated, add the noodles and the two cups of boiling water, cover everything and let the noodles get soft.
– keep moving everything, add water if necessary or uncover it if it’s too liquid for your taste.
– ready! Add some spring onions on the top and enjoy! ?.

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