One Of The Best Lunches Ever ☀️

one of the best lunches ever display image  eb1f0780
one of the best lunches ever display image eb1f0780

One of the best lunches ever ☀️

Recently I started mixing different types of side dishes into one and it tastes amazing. This one includes three of them.

1. Rice with lentils – boil rice. At the same time boil green lentils on the pan with 2 bay leaves. When they become soft, add half of can of tomatoes, at least three table spoons of cumin, a little bit of cinnamon for sweetness, some oregano, salt and pepper. Add half of glass of milk as well to make it softer and wait until it eveporates to just have lentils with sauce.Try if you like it and you can add more spices up to your taste.

2. Salad – mix half of lettuce, 4 handfuls of spinach, half of chopped pepper, one can of corn, a few sun-dried tomatoes, seeds, half of chopped red onion, half of grated carrot and two spoons of mayonnaise (I used vegan) mixed with crushed garlic clove.

3. Guacamole – mix half of avocado, half of chopped pepper, one chopped tomatoe, juice from one lime, some salt and pepper.

You can easily exchange all of these ingredients and also add more. You can easily have it for lot of people and it is soooo amazing ?

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