OK, My Chili Ended Up Tasting Like A Savory, Comforting Soup

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OK, my chili ended up tasting like a savory, comforting soup😚.  I didn’t add a few ingredients that the recipe called for because I couldn’t find suitable versions such as a can of green chiles without citric acid.  Even with a few items missing, it was very good😋 (You’re just going to have to trust me on this one 😉)… 

Drum Roll🥁, So as far as the crackers when it comes to taste, I preferred
@simplemills Tomato Basil.  This product is starchy with the tapioca and cassava flour so use with care if you decide to try for yourself!

New Upcoming Interview will cover health insurance.  This video will post after most open enrollments have ended, but still a gem to watch, so don’t miss out.  I will add more feedback on it later in the week.

Lastly, just wanted to acknowledge the compliments and words of encouragements that I receive from my stories. Very heartwarming 💕

Enjoy your Sunday Family…

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