Nut Meat – W Garlicky Mushrooms, Quinoa, Silverbeet Drizzled

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Nut meat – w garlicky mushrooms, quinoa, silverbeet drizzled with creamy vegan cheese 🌱

[vegan, high protein, high fibre, iron, B12, lowgi, low carb, antioxidants and phytonutrients]

Swipe for high carb variation 😉 👉

I seasoned the nut meat with Mexican seasoning, coconut aminos, sriracha and mixed the ingredients well by crumbling it.

Next, I briefly sautéed chopped up silverbeet in small amount of water until wilted and seasoned it with s&p. When done I put this mixture to one side in a bowl.

In the same pan I did a quick sauté of garlic and sliced mushrooms and seasoned with salt & pepper. When done moved the mixture to one side of pan, added the seasoned nut meat and cooked it for 2 min. Lastly I tossed in the cooked quinoa, silverbeet, extra drizzle of coconut aminos (add water if mixture dries up) and tossed everything well.

I served it on a bed of cos lettuce and micro greens, drizzled it with diluted vegan spreadable cream cheese and cracked pepper.
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