Now The Night’s Are Starting To Draw In And Theres A Notic

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Now the night’s are starting to draw in and theres a noticeable chill in the air, comforting seasonal food becomes a necessary blessing. So, heres another soul warming autumnal classic. This wholesome soup instantly reminds me of crunchy leaves, crispy evenings and the golden colours of the autumn months. This is another recipe to save the pumpkins from going to waste as the levels of Halloween related food waste are a big problem in the UK and America. Rougly 18,000 tons of delicious pumpkins are thrown away. (links for fact checking are on the wordpress) Pumpkins are a cheap and easy way of getting your vegetables, and are full of different health benefits! (Again links on the wordpress)

This soup can be served as starter although we like to make loads and have it as a main.


1 onion

Half a leek

One stick of celery

Two cups pumpkins

Oat Milk

Two mint leaves



Cayenne pepper

Sautée Onion, Leek and Celery until Softened
Add two cups of cubed pumpkin 
Cover with boiling water leave to simmer until pumpkin is soft
Add the cayenne pepper, turmeric, mint and half a cup of oat milk
Leave to simmer for five more minutes
Blend it all up, and serve with some crusty bread. You can always swirl a drop of plant based cream on top and add some roasted pumpkin seeds and parsley to garnish if you’re feeling fancy.

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