Nagasaki Champon ? 

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nagasaki champon display image 0b82e535

Nagasaki Champon ? 

Very popular noodle dish in Japan filled various and colorful ingredients, and a hearty milky soup.

Nagasaki is a name of the city in Japan, this noodle dish was made at first for Chinese students, which was cheap and nourish, so that quickly spread to Nagasaki’s Chinatown.

This vegan version Champon soup is amazingly delicious and so easy to make ? 

Vegan Champon soup:
Serving 3
1 boil 3cups water, add 1TBS mushroom powder, 2tsp vegan oyster sauce, 1tsp soy sauce, 1tsp veggie stock powder, sprinkle white pepper 
2 add 1.5cup plant milk just before assembling over low heat

1 boil soy soy meat, rinse and squeeze water 
2 marinate with grated ginger, soy sauce, nutritional yeast, canola oil, and corn or potato starch 
3 in a frying pan, heat sesame oil, sauté marinated soy meat, and set aside 
4 in a same pan, add some canola oil, sauté chopped cabbage, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, bean sprouts, and kikurage, sprinkle sea salt and pepper, and back in soy meat

Kikurage is a type of edible mushroom and is a popular condiment in Japanese ramen noodles. It is also commonly known as wood ear mushroom, black fungus, has firm, almost rubbery texture. Very high in fiber, vitamin D, and mineral.

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