My Version Of A Quinoa Bowl 🥙

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my version of a quinoa bowl 🥙

•half an eggplant
•1 cup baby carrots
•1 zucchini
•1 squash
•1/2 yellow onions
•1 package frozen quinoa

-otv’s sauce
•1 cup vegan mayonnaise
•1/4 cup tj’s zhoug sauce
•2 tablespoons garlic paste
•pinch of salt
•pinch of black pepper
•3 tablespoons water
•2 tablespoons olive oil

first I chopped all my veggies and seasoned them up and let them cook in the oven for about 25-30 minutes on 400.
while that was cooking I threw my frozen quinoa in the microwave.
I then went on to make my sauce in the blender. and that was it ! a great addition to this dish would be falafel.

this meal is honestly so easy and only takes 30 minutes to make!
tag me if you try any of my recipes would love to repost ! oh and yes that’s vegan

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